08 Mar 2017

Beyond smashed avo: Bernard Salt joins NAB Adviser Forum to talk wealth strategies for every generation in every state

Celebrated demographer and social commentator Bernard Salt knows his stuff when it comes to the future. And after leading national conversations on economics, investment, property and population change, he is now turning his attention to financial advisers across Australia.

As the keynote presenter at the NAB Adviser Forum in March 2017, Bernard will be touring Australia to share valuable demographic insights relevant to advisers’ clients, and speak about key opportunities for advisers to take advantage of in their business.

Beginning in Perth on 21 March, Bernard will offer unique insights into the West Australian market before presenting tailored state-based insights to audiences in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Ahead of the first session in Perth, Bernard says there is still plenty of opportunity in Western Australia.

“Data shows that there is a large and growing pool of high income earners in Western Australia that is proving remarkably resilient in the post boom world.

“It has what the rest of the world will increasingly want such as food, energy and commodities.  Perth should be a prosperous city for a generation into the future,” he says.

Along with understanding where the opportunities lie, Bernard says that advisers need to be well acquainted with generational mindsets in order to develop successful wealth strategies for clients of all ages. This insight will benefit clients, but it also has great benefit for advisers who want to grow their businesses.

“Perth’s boomers are racing headlong into the My Time Now stage of the lifecycle. They want to de-clutter their lives and that means opportunities for service providers!”

“Generation X are slap bang in the middle of the peak-family years and the peak earning years. Xers need to set in place savings behaviour that allows them to reap and save for retirement. And as for the Millennials they need to stop eating smash… end of transmission”

Tuning in on demographic insights, Bernard will be joined by Katie Whiffen, Head of Asset Management Strategy and Implementation at NAB, to discuss cutting edge research on Generation X, its unique profile, and why it has the potential to be the wealthiest generation yet.

“Leading next generation wealth strategies” is the theme of the NAB Adviser Forum 2017.

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