13 Apr 2014

Changing work to suit older Australians

NAB is changing the traditional structure of work, responding to Australia’s ageing population – and an ageing workforce.

Michaela Healey, Group Executive, People, Communications and Governance says NAB is making practical changes to the workplace and more people are choosing to work longer as a result.

“We see attracting and retaining mature age workers as a competitive advantage.

“People who bring more than 55-60 years of life experience and 40 years of industry expertise to work every day are an asset to our business.

“But it is important to recognise that priorities change through different stages of life and many people in this age group are looking for a change of pace.

“That’s why we have made a very deliberate decision to promote flexible work options to everyone at NAB – and make it clear that it’s not just something for people with young families.

NAB has approximately 2000 employees aged 55 and over.

For four years NAB has been running a program called MyFuture, designed to help mature age employees extend their careers through education on flexibility, balance and managing personal change.

Since then, the average retirement age at NAB has increased by two years

It also prompted 50 per cent of participants to take action to improve their physical health and to seek expert financial advice on planning for retirement.

NAB is also investing in educating leaders on how to support older workers, to proactively prevent against age discrimination.

Research by the Australian Human Rights Commission (July 2013) shows older people face stereotyping and discrimination –
71% of all Australians feel it is common, with 88% of the community believing it is likely to occur in the workplace.

“It would be a mistake to under-estimate the organisational capability, and general wisdom, older people can pass on to younger colleagues,” she said.

All senior leaders at NAB have participated in a an Unconscious Bias training program, aimed at increasing their awareness of inherent biases and putting in place processes to remove them.

More information on working at NAB is available at nab.com.au/careers

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