01 Sep 2015

Connecting, supporting and celebrating women in business

Take a look at the recent Connecting Women event in Melbourne, where we got to meet many inspiring, hardworking and entrepreneurial women.



NAB Group Executive for Risk David Gall

“In Australia, there’s 670,000 small businesses which are run by women. Women are the powerhouse in our economy.

“But the reality remains that there’s a significant disparity between the wealth of Australian men and Australian women.

“Women earn about 17% less than men, and retire with 40% less super.

“Clearly, there is more work for the business community to do.

“Flexible working conditions, mentoring, and supporting women during their careers, helping them to build quality networks, is a great start, and one of the key reasons that we’re all here today.

“And as the largest lender to SMEs in the country, we get to meet many inspiring, hardworking and entrepreneurial women.”

Naomi Simson, NAB Customer, Red Balloon:

“Small business is an exciting place to be. It’s a busy place to be, and it’s highly competitive.”

Nicole Newman, NAB Customer, The Food Purveyor

“It becomes your entire life. And you have to be able to understand that that’s the passion and drive that you need to be able to continue with that business.”

Janine Allis, NAB Customer, Boost Juice:

“I think the advice I’d give is, first of all, surround yourself with great people. Have a solid plan for success. You know, you will have challenges. You will have problems. But just become a very good problem solver.

Naomi Simson, NAB Customer Red Balloon:

“When you are driven by passion, you know, it doesn’t occur to you as work. And that is the greatest gift of all.”


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