18 Feb 2015

Delivering NAB’s digital agenda for a better customer experience

Twelve months since taking the reins as NAB’s Chief Information Officer, David Boyle spoke to The Australain Financial Review about NAB’s digital transformation, that is delivering new tools including NAB View.

“Through the delivery of NAB View, bankers are now able to see a customer’s entire relationship with NAB – from their personal accounts, to their business accounts and their MLC products,” Mr Boyle said.

“The roll out of NAB View has reached 50 per cent of NAB’s business bankers, with all bankers to have access to the technology by mid-year. This massive technology upgrade has consolidated six different sales systems and information from three different sources.

“By mid year more than 4,000 bankers will have access to a customer database of approximately 12.3 million customers and more than 135 million records.

“This transformation program is about ensuring that NAB remains “Always On” for our customers, regardless of where they live in Australia,” Mr Boyle said.

In Gladstone, Queensland Michael Horne, Business Banking Executive at NAB’s Gladstone branch said the rollout of NAB View is helping him ‘virtually’ connect with his two teams who are more than 200 kilometres apart.

“With the help of NAB View, my teams in Rockhampton to Gladstone can now both log in at the same time and discuss customer reports and our team’s progress, ” Mr Horne said.

“Travel time between the two offices is now customer time.”

You can read the full article here.

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