14 Aug 2016

MLC Life Insurance Appointments to Claims Assurance Review

MLC has today announced the appointment of Mr Michael Arnold as Independent Expert for the Claims Assurance Review being conducted within its Life Insurance business.

The role of the Independent Expert has been established to ensure that past declined  claim  decisions made by MLC have followed an appropriate process, contemplated all relevant material and have reached a fair and correct decision for our customers. Mr Arnold has engaged with independent Customer Advocate, Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith, to ensure the interests of our customers are at the centre of our approach.

The above is further strengthened by the appointment of KPMG to assess the scope and quality of the Review, and to ensure there is an appropriate level of independence and expertise applied.

Executive General Manager, Insurance, David Hackett, said: “The Review is an important step in providing confidence to our customers, intermediaries and employees that we have the right claims practices in place for our customers.  MLC is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for customers by following robust and transparent processes.”

Mr Arnold said: “In my discussions with MLC Life Insurance I have seen a strong commitment to ensuring customers are always dealt with fairly and that their interests are central to the decision making process.  I am looking forward to playing an active role throughout this review process.”

About Mr Michael Arnold.
Mr Arnold is a former Ombudsman of the Financial Ombudsman Service, National Panel Chair of the Financial Industry Complaints Service and Panel Chair, Referee and Adjudicator of the Insurance Enquiries and Complaints Service.

Mr Arnold has extensive experience in dispute resolution within life insurance and claims in particular.  Mr Arnold is a 50 year member of the Law Institute of Victoria and has served in public life as a Member of the Legislative Council of Victoria and as Judge of the Accident Compensation Tribunal before its abolition.  He currently is involved in dispute resolution in respect to tolling disputes and privacy matters, as a delegate of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Customers who have a claim that they would like to talk to MLC Limited about can contact the Claims team on 1300 1 CLAIM (1300 125 246).

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