31 Mar 2015

NAB says no to payday lenders

Last night NAB was singled out by 4 Corners for our position on payday lending – which includes not pursuing business from payday lenders – and our support of Good Money and other microfinance initiatives.

The program outlined the highly questionable business practices were impacting vulnerable Australians and causing them to fall into a spiral of debt.

Good Shepherd Microfinance was also featured as a safe and affordable alternative to predatory lenders, offering no or low interest loans to people on low incomes through its Good Money stores.

NAB is focused on helping all Australians have a healthy relationship with money. We know we can play a big role in helping people on low incomes access basic financial products and increase their financial confidence.

That’s why, since 2003 we’ve been working with Good Shepherd Microfinance, the Federal Government and over 400 community organisations to help provide Australians with financial resources, education and microfinance products. Find out more about our microfinance initiatives here.

You can watch the program here.

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