07 Dec 2016

NAB Asset Servicing Announces Carbon Reporting

Asset Servicing continues to see carbon risk awareness as an increasing priority for many of its clients. Now, through a strengthened partnership with Sustainalytics, Asset Servicing is excited to announce the release of a Carbon Report product, customisable for any client.

The Carbon Report offers clients a sophisticated insight into the carbon intensity of their investments.

It can be used to monitor CO2 intensity at either a fund or an individual portfolio level, including both sector and stock selection carbon intensity attribution.

John Comito, Executive General Manager of Asset Servicing said, “Through our service, Asset Owners can access company level carbon metrics supporting easy identification of significant carbon contributors within individual portfolios. Furthermore, the Carbon Report can be enhanced with Asset Servicing’s investment trust look-through capabilities.”

“The newly launched product assists clients with post trade analysis and monitoring of investment carbon intensity across portfolios and investment managers. It supports the reporting of a fund’s carbon footprint (eg. Montreal pledge) and provides clients additional opportunities to further disclose fund carbon exposures,” he added.

“With a greater number of companies now disclosing carbon emissions data, NAB Asset Servicing sees this as an important step in helping clients with carbon monitoring and is an important extension to our existing ESG reporting.  With investors and members also becoming more active in seeking additional information, the carbon report supports clients with the implementation of carbon disclosure/monitoring strategies,” Comito said.

About NAB Asset Servicing

Asset Servicing, part of NAB’s Corporate & Institutional business, is one of the largest custodians in the Australian market. It is a leading provider of custody, master custody, investment administration and other related services to a range of locally and internationally domiciled clients. These include government agencies, investment managers, superannuation funds, insurance companies and banks. NAB has provided domestic custody services since 1950 and global custody and investment administration services since 1975.

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