01 Jan 2019

NAB ATMs remain fee free

NAB confirms that all of its ATMs remain fee free for both NAB customers and customers of other banks, to make withdrawals and check account balances.

Last year most major banks, including NAB, ANZ, Commonwealth and Westpac removed fees for anyone that uses their ATMs, which means NAB customers can withdraw cash fee-free at more than 7,000 ATMs across Australia, as well as at more than 3,500 Bank@Post locations, and thousands of retail outlets across the country such as supermarkets and over-the-counter at petrol stations.

The way Australians are accessing their cash is changing fast, which is why NAB has decided to no longer be part of the rediATMnetwork from today (1 January 2019).

Cuscal, the owner and operator of the rediATM network, charges people that use their ATMs a fee if their bank does not have a partnership with the rediATM network.


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