23 Dec 2014

NAB extends Mr Fluffy relief package

National Australian Bank today announced it will extend its relief package for customers affected by Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos insulation to include properties in New South Wales.


All NAB customers affected by the matter are eligible for support and are encouraged to contact the bank to discuss their individual circumstances. Business customers should contact their banker.


NAB Retail General Manager NSW South and ACT Irene Rowlands said the relief measures would help customers facing a difficult situation that was not of their making.


“We have extended our relief package to customers in New South Wales affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos insulation so they have the same financial relief we have offered our ACT customers,” she said.

“NAB is committed to supporting affected customers while they are going through a difficult time.


“We are working closely with the ACT and NSW Governments, and the relevant government agencies to ensure customers get the support they need during this process.”


Included in the package of relief measures that NAB will consider for NAB customers facing financial difficulty as a result of the asbestos insulation matter are:


  • Suspending home loan repayments


  • Waiving costs and charges for withdrawing term deposits early


  • Waiving home loan and personal loan fees and charges


  • Credit card and personal loan relief where appropriate


  • Support to restructure other existing banking facilities


For more information and assistance, customers can visit their local NAB branch, contact their banker directly or call NAB Care 1800 701 599.


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