29 Jan 2015

NAB Quarterly Australian Wellbeing Index: Q4 2014

National Australia Bank today released its Quarterly Australian Wellbeing Index for Q4 2014.

Wellbeing Index:

  • Australia’s overall wellbeing dropped slightly by 0.8 per cent with Queensland recording the highest level of wellbeing and Victoria the lowest
  • Women over 50 have the highest wellbeing of any demographic and women aged 18-29 have the lowest
  • From an income perspective, the bracket with the highest wellbeing was for people earning $75k-100k and those earning less than $35k had the lowest. Those who earn more than $100k recorded the second highest wellbeing.
  • Regional cities recorded higher wellbeing than captial cities, while rural areas recorded the lowest.

Big Issues Facing Australia in 2015

NAB also released today its first annual pulse check on the big issues facing Australia. Some of the findings of this pulse check included:

  • The top five issues Australians are facing in 2015 are Cost of Living, Access to Healthcare, Employment/Jobs, Economy, Terrorism/Security
  • Cost of living is the number one issue Australians are facing in 2015, though Tasmanians are more concerned about it than any other state.
  • Tasmanians also rate Access to Healthcare as a big issue more than other states (45 per cent), with people in South Australia and the Northern Territory (43 per cent combined) a close second
  • Employment/Jobs was rated most highly as a big issue in the states with highest unemployment; Tasmania (37 per cent), Victoria (32 per cent), South Australia/Northern Territory (32 per cent)
  • Western Australia rated the issue of Terrorism/Security (29 per cent) higher than than the other states, while Victoria rated Law and Order (19 per cent) higher than the other states.


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