22 Jun 2016

NAB supports growth in Dandenong South

Dandenong residents and businesses will benefit from a new National Australia Bank Business Banking and retail hub in Dandenong South, which officially opened on Tuesday 21 June.

The new site will better service customers in the city’s growing business precinct, with access to more than 20 staff and a range of technology options for customers.

The new location, in the LOGIS North Business Park on Ordish Road, offers greater convenience for customers given the concentration of retailers and businesses.

Cindy Batchelor, Executive General Manager NAB Business, said Dandenong’s industrial districts form part of one of Australia’s most significant and productive manufacturing areas.

“As a major source of employment for the whole south-east region of metropolitan Melbourne, we identified a growing need for our services in Dandenong South,” she said.

“There are almost 50,000 workers and more than 12,000 businesses operating in Greater Dandenong.

“This industrial precinct is booming, echoing strong business conditions for the state more broadly.

“This is a good time for business and it is crucial we have a strong presence to support customers with all their banking needs.”

Melissa Reynolds, Executive General Manager NAB Retail, said combining business banking centres with retail branches was part of a wider customer commitment to make banking simpler and easier.

“As a bank we are responding to changing customer needs and preferences and that is reflected in the fit-out of our new branches,” she said.

“Our customers want greater control over their finances, particularly via digital channels, but they still want a face-to-face conversation when making big decisions like starting up a business, purchasing a home or saving for retirement.

“This hub features some of the latest technology, including Smart ATMs, Business Deposit machines, Express Coin Deposit machines and internet banking kiosks.”

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