06 Aug 2020

NAB welcomes Government’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy

NAB has welcomed the release of the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy by the Australian Government today.

NAB Chief Enterprise Security Officer Nick McKenzie: “NAB is playing an active part in supporting the Federal Government in its efforts to protect Australia from cyber threats.

“The cyber landscape is ever evolving and dynamic. Threats are increasing in sophistication and this strategy sets out Australia’s defence in a more coordinated and effective manner.

“Business and government cooperation is critical to uplifting capability, sharing intelligence and raising awareness to help protect individuals and businesses from cyber threats.

“Together we are committed to taking the fight to offshore cybercriminals, to neutralise and block emerging cyber threats before they reach Australia – and protect our customers and the community.”

In addition to NAB’s support of the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, NAB has:

  • co-developed the Clean Pipes program in collaboration with financial industry and private sector partners, as well as internet service providers, with the aim of making Australia more secure online by reducing instances of customer information being compromised through blocking malware, ransomware and phishing;
  • enhanced its capabilities and systems in cyber threat intelligence and will extend this with the Government’s new threat intelligence platform to help block emerging threats;
  • begun to shape its public private partnership and outreach program to further develop other national initiatives to disrupt threats on a national level; and
  • continues to invest in cyber security capabilities and strengthen system resilience to protect customers from evolving threats.

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