19 Nov 2019

nabtrade dedicates a day of brokerage to help our farmers

nabtrade has today announced that every trade made on Wednesday 27 November 2019 will help Aussie farms in drought.  With Australia currently experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record, Australia’s fastest growing online trading platform has pledged to donate all brokerage fees earned on the day to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, who deliver much needed hay to drought-affected sheep and cattle farmers, was established in 2014 when Brendan Farrell, a local truck driver, heard about a struggling farmer in Bourke. He contacted the farmer and offered to drive a load of hay out to him.

Since then, each year a group of volunteers drive truckloads of hay to help drought-affected farmers.  Last year’s hay run involved a world record of 405 trucks delivering over 14,000 bales of hay – enough to feed over 300,000 animals.

The nabtrade Charity Trading Day was established as an annual event in response to the growing number of investors wanting to do business with companies that reflect their values and want to give back to the community.

“nabtrade is committed supporting projects and programs that make a difference in our community. Farmers across Australia need our help to keep their livestock alive through one of the worst droughts in living history” said nabtrade General Manager, Adrian Hanley.

“The team at nabtrade are proud to be backing the amazing work that Burrumbuttock Hay Runners do to support farmers, the backbone of Australia.”

Brendan ‘Bumpa’ Farrell, founder of the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, said nabtrade’s donation would be used to by his team to continue ‘mates helping mates’ in a time of need.

“Farmers impacted by drought often struggle to ask for help and due to the financial strain of trying to keep the farm afloat many also battle mental health issues.  Our program may only provide temporary relief, but it’s also about showing fellow Australian’s that someone cares about them” Mr Farrell said.

Mr Hanley further encouraged investors to consciously choose to make an impact through their trading; “We urge all investors to get behind this great cause and trade with us on Wednesday 27 November – our farmers absolutely deserve our support and this is a great way to make sure your trade not only supports our struggling farmers, but the large agriculture sector of the Australian share market.”

The nabtrade 2019 charity trading day complements NAB’s long standing position of working with Australian agribusiness for almost 160 years. NAB and is serious about supporting farmers into the future and has a dedicated agribusiness team which has removed default interest for agri customers in government-declared drought areas, launched drought assistance package and introduced farm management deposit offset accounts.

For more information or to contribute on nabtrade Charity Trading Day, please visit www.nabtrade.com.au/charityday.

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