26 Oct 2020

Victorian businesses eager to get going again

NAB CEO Ross McEwan said today was a critical moment for Victorians and in particular small business owners.

“Victorians have done a tremendous job to bring infection numbers down. It has been a long and challenging lockdown and the patience and cooperation of our community has been outstanding,” Mr McEwan said.

“Businesses right across Melbourne now have the certainty they need to open their doors and to get people back into work, which is great for the state, and for Australia’s economic recovery.

“Today is a big step but many of our customers are still doing it tough and there is a long way to go.

“I’m looking forward to getting out for a meal with my wife and connecting with my colleagues and customers again, in-person, as soon as I can.”

Mr McEwan said he expected many local businesses would see a spike in demand as restrictions came off and people got out and about again.

“We’re already hearing about some businesses such as hairdressers being fully booked around suburban Melbourne and there is definitely some pent-up demand in other services,” Mr McEwan said.

“Consistent with what we’ve seen in other states businesses such as restaurants, beauticians and tradesmen will likely see a bounce in activity as people look to get organised ahead of the summer holiday period.”

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