08 Jul 2014

Records tumble for EOFY transactions at NAB

More than ten billion dollars in transactions were processed on NAB’s two key internet banking platforms on 30 June setting new records for NAB.

NAB’s General Manager for Workplace Service Management, Lisa Palma said that the new records again demonstrated continued growth in online banking, and were in particular a strong endorsement of the bank’s new online business banking platform, NAB Connect.

“Customers can now bank whenever, wherever and however they chose, and these 30 June numbers show NAB customers are doing this in record numbers,” said Ms Palma.

“Released in April this year, the new NAB Connect is playing a big part in our drive to simplify things for NAB’s people and customers.

“Everything in NAB Connect from the user experience to the underlying business and approval processes has been designed to make things easy and intuitive.

“We are one of the few banks internationally that is transforming their organisation in such a comprehensive manner, ensuring we can be nimbler and quicker in responding to the needs of our customers.”

NAB Connect saw a record $8.2 billion in transactions processed on 30 June 2014, up 26% from the previous record of $6.5 billion on 22 July 2013.

On NAB Internet Banking a record $2.5 billion in transactions were processed on 30 June 2014, up 9% from the previous record of $2.3 billion on 28 June 2013.

Logins to NAB Connect, UBank and mlc.com.au also reached new records on 30 June 2014:

  • NAB Connect logins increased by 18% on the previous record day of 19 December 2013
  • UBank’s customer portal, which sits on the new Oracle Banking Platform, saw customer volume increase 12.7% compared to last financial year
  • mlc.com.au also saw a record day, with 20% more logins than the previous record day of 28 June 2013.

Some of the improvements in NAB Connect include:

  • Customers can now perform a greater variety of amendments online or over the phone without the need for a paper based form
  • Customers can use enhanced mobile functionality to authorise and view multiple payment types
  • Customers can now see all their accounts when they log in – up from their first 20 previously
  • Customers can now print a statement with just two clicks – down from five previously
  • Customers can now see up to 200 beneficiaries per page – up from 10 previously
  • Customers can now authorise payments from any screen, no matter what task they’re performing

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