10 Nov 2016

What’s the future look like for Real Time Payments?

As technology continues to evolve so do customer expectations for immediacy and convenience, particularly when it comes to things like purchases, payments and fund transfers.

Traditionally, the quickest and easiest way to do this has been via cash, however shifting behaviour as well as the costs and inconvenience of handling cash have led to global investment in real time electronic payment systems.

This new whitepaper by NAB Labs entitled ‘Real Time Payments: Leveraging the New Payments Platform for customer innovation’ discusses the global landscape of real time payments and looks at how Australia’s New Payment Platform (NPP) will be a huge step forward for the local landscape.

NAB Labs Whitepaper_ Leveraging the future of payments for customer innovation_November 2016

NAB Labs Whitepaper_Real Time Payments Infographic


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