Australia’s biggest companies back NAB corporate and institutional bank



The largest businesses in Australia say they are most satisfied with NAB’s corporate and institutional products and services above all other banks, according to the 2024 Peter Lee Associates Large Corporate and Institutional Relationship Banking Survey¹.

Survey participants have also awarded NAB top billing for ease of doing business, relationship manager capability, most creative ideas and solutions, and best coordination across product specialists in Australia.

The strength and breadth of the results were reflected in NAB’s net promotor score (NPS), which received an 8-point boost to +44¹, elevating the bank to equal number one for overall customer loyalty and satisfaction with the company.

Group Executive, Corporate and Institutional Banking, David Gall, said it was an honour to receive such positive feedback from our valued customers and from the wider corporate and institutional business community.

“The results are a testament to the incredible team at NAB who continue to go above and beyond to partner with our clients and help them strengthen and grow their businesses,” Mr Gall said.

The survey results have also endorsed the expertise of NAB’s bankers and specialists, with their advice on the use of foreign exchange, interest rate risk management, domestic and offshore debt securities markets and complex structured finance products, as well as service for large deposits, once again ranked as best in market in 2024¹.

Additionally, Peter Lee Associates sector-specific surveys have confirmed NAB’s ongoing leadership in the relationship strength index for both debt capital markets² and transactional banking³.

“Maintaining our top ranking for quality of service for originations in debt capital markets for 10 years running² and having NAB Connect voted as number one in the Platform Performance Index³ for the sixth consecutive year are real highlights in this year’s survey results,” Mr Gall said.

“We’re proud of the products and solutions we’re bringing to clients, but we know we have formidable competitors and the feedback received through Peter Lee always provides a welcome opportunity to learn and innovate.

“Thank you to our clients for their participation in this year’s survey and for their ongoing partnership with NAB.”


Note to editors:  

  • 587 Australian based large corporate institutions were surveyed for the Large Corporate Relationship Banking Survey Australia 2024.
  • NAB has retained the #1 position in the Relationship Strength Index for Debt Capital Market for ten consecutive years².
  • NAB has retained the #1 position in the Relationship Strength Index for Transactional Banking for five consecutive years³.

Sources: Peter Lee Associates, Australia.

¹ Large Corporate and Institutional Relationship Banking Survey Australia 2024.
² Debt Capital Market Survey Australia 2024.
³ Large Corporate Transactional Banking Survey Australia 2024.
Ranking against the four major domestic banks.

About Peter Lee Associates (PLA) 

  • PLA is an Australian Research & Consulting firm for the financial services industry, part of Coalition Greenwich, a division of CRISIL, an S&P Global Company.
  • The Peter Lee Associates Large Corporate and Institutional Relationship Banking Survey is a leading indicator of performance across wholesale banking in Australia. Approximately 587 Australian based large corporate institutions were surveyed for this primary report. It’s the largest Corporate & Institutional Relationship Banking survey run in Australia and NZ.
  • All attempts are made to interview in person or zoom, with interviews lasting 45-60 mins on average.



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