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  • Community

From ‘Why me?’ to ‘Why not?’

Seven years ago, NAB’s Punkaj Gupta was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He shares how family and Diwali helped him.

  • 14.11.2023
  • Time to read 3 min read
  • Indigenous Affairs

Clothing the Gaps: uniting people through fashion and a cause

After almost five years, Clothing the Gaps has become one of the most recognisable Aboriginal fashion labels – yet it had modest beginnings.

  • 01.11.2023
  • Time to read 1 min read

Whatever comes, we’re ready together

NAB Ready Together helps Australians to withstand and recover from natural disasters.


  • Bushfires

From fire and grief to a coffee cart

Small business owner Matthew Kidson is one of the customers that NAB Assist’s Chantelle Marianov has supported through tough times. It all started with a fire.

  • 12.01.2023
  • Time to read 4 min read


  • Community

‘See past the disability and join STEPtember’

NAB colleague Kristy Pinkerton’s son James has cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t stopped him living his life to the fullest!

  • 27.09.2023
  • Time to read 3 min read

Disaster relief

  • NAB Foundation

It takes many hands

NAB has announced a partnership with Disaster Relief Australia through the NAB Foundation, granting $1 million plus in-kind support to bolster the organisation’s community and corporate volunteer capacity.

  • 01.09.2023
  • Time to read 1 min read


  • NAB Foundation

‘Doing it for the girls’

Volunteering at a recent Girls on Fire program showed NAB’s Sisi Burgess and future generations how culture influences fire management.

  • 16.08.2023
  • Time to read 3 min read


  • Disaster relief

NAB to provide $1,000 emergency grants to WA and NT flood-impacted customers

NAB has today opened applications for $1,000 emergency grants to assist customers severely affected by flooding in officially declared disaster areas of WA and NT following Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie.

  • 10.01.2023
  • Time to read 1 min read

NAB Foundation

  • NAB Foundation

Bright sparks for the future

NAB has partnered with Girls on Fire, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving gender diversity and inclusion in the emergency services sector.

  • 14.06.2023
  • Time to read 1 min read

Mini Legends

  • More than Money

You can’t be what you can’t see

Emma Moore once received detention for playing footy at school, now her daughter has inherited her love of the game and is kicking goals!

  • 22.08.2022
  • Time to read 2 min read

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