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Every day at NAB, we help our customers achieve their goals – to buy a home, to start or grow a business or to save for retirement.

Yet for three million Australians, it is a struggle to simply access mainstream banking products and services.

Without access to a small amount of fair and affordable credit, a basic transaction account or general insurance – they are at risk of long-term financial hardship.

We believe this is unacceptable and want to make banking more accessible.

NAB has been working to provide Australians with financial resources, education and basic banking products.

We are helping increase the financial resilience of our customers by:

  • offering an everyday personal transaction account with no monthly account fees;
  • making it easier for customers to get hardship support; and
  • providing money mentors to Indigenous Australians.

Since 2005, we’ve helped provide more than 440,000 Australians with no and low interest loans, in partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance, federal and state governments and more than 200 community organisations.

Our goal is to help more than one million Australians access fair and affordable microfinance products by 2018.

We want to help build a stronger and more resilient Australia, where everyone has access to appropriate and affordable financial products and services.

We welcome the opportunity for other organisations, through the Financial Inclusion Action Plan program, to join us in creating sustainable change.

Andrew Thorburn



NAB – Financial Inclusion Action Plan 2017



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