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Climate change is a defining issue of our time and climate transition is a complex area. At NAB, we’re here to serve customers well and help our communities prosper. The success of our whole economy depends on our climate.

Our Climate Foundations series brings to the forefront experts to explain the basics and help build more understanding about climate change. We need to be part of the climate solution and support customers as they take action too.

Climateworks Centre is an independent, trusted adviser in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific’s transition to a prosperous net zero emissions future. It does this by bridging research and action to accelerate the transition to net zero, and bringing together experts in their own fields to develop collaborative solutions. Co-founded by the Myer Foundation and Monash University in 2009, Climateworks works within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute at Monash University, a non-profit organisation.

Thank you to: Anna Skarbek, Climateworks Center CEO; Wei Sue, Strategy Lead; and Tom Wainwright, Sustainable Corporates System Lead for their contributions to these videos.


Climate Foundations | What is Net Zero?



Climate Foundations | Why is change needed?



Climate Foundations | The role of banks





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