Climbing the Four Peaks



Growing up in Scotland, NAB Chief Controls Officer Katrina Enos was very close to her family.

Her Uncle David had a particularly big influence.

“David loved acting and drama. He particularly loved Elvis and would dress up as him at Christmas and New Year,” Katrina said.

“He had a great sense of fun, a loving personality and a real love for life.”

David also had an intellectual disability and seeing the challenges he faced gave Katrina an insight into the unfair limitations people with a disability can face.

“David had Down syndrome. I grew up seeing a lot of the inequities he faced and a lot of the prejudice he had to deal with,” Katrina said.

“I remember when David went into independent supported living there was a school nearby, and he would be chased by school boys shouting at him and calling him names.  He also experienced health professionals attributing every health problem to his Down syndrome, rather than properly diagnosing what was wrong.”

A man and a woman smile in front of a bridge, with cars going past behind them.
NAB Chief Controls Officer Katrina Enos with her Uncle David.

That is why throughout her adult life Katrina has been motivated to advocate for and increase awareness for people with disabilities.

Most recently, Katrina has done this as Co-Chair of NABility, NAB’s employee resource group that supports NAB to be inclusive for colleagues with a disability and colleagues as carers, and on the Board of Down Syndrome Victoria (DSV).

DSV is a not-for-profit organisation which works alongside people with down syndrome and their families, providing support throughout all life stages but particularly at pre-natal, early childhood, education and into employment.

Recently, Katrina used two days of NAB volunteering leave to support DSV, she even participated in a hike across Victoria’s Four Peaks to raise funds for the organisation.

“It was a real challenge given it’s been many years since the last time I’ve been hiking!”

However, Katrina encourages all colleagues to use their volunteer leave.

“Do it – take your volunteer leave. I’d got out of the habit of using my NAB volunteering leave through COVID. I felt guilty booking the hike in as volunteer leave because it felt like it was going to be fun!” she said.

“But I asked my People Leader and they said take it as volunteer leave – it will be good for you and good for NAB. It’s the type of thing where you get out of it as much as you give.”

Collectively the group raised more than $30,000.

“I passionately believe that disability comes from the structures that we put in front of people, not from individuals themselves,” Katrina said.

“David had a lovely impact on our life. Having the opportunity to be in a family where disability is normalised means you grow up knowing people with disability are no different to those without, they just face different challenges.”

“Thank you to the many NAB colleagues who supported DSV by sponsoring me.”

This week is National Volunteer Week 15-21 May, 2023. NAB colleagues are supported to make a difference with 16 hours volunteer leave per year. Visit the NAB website to find out more about NAB’s volunteering and giving program.



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