‘I guess it was meant to be!’



NAB Associate Dottie Szczupakowski in 1978

Dottie Szczupakowski was working for Mid-Atlantic bank in New Jersey  1978 when she got a call from her former boss letting her know about a job opening in New York City.

“I’m from New Jersey – I was scared of the big city, so I asked my sister to come with me to New York for the interview,” Dottie said.

“We got to New York and we didn’t know anything about the city. We took the subway in the opposite direction – instead of going uptown, we went downtown. I was two hours late to the interview, but they were happy to see me and I was hired on the spot!”

Dottie started working at the Bank of New Zealand in New York, and spent 15 years there until BNZ merged with NAB. Thirty years later, Dottie is still at NAB!

“Amazing, I guess it was meant to be!”

On celebrating her 45 year anniversary at NAB, Dottie said there are many highlights.

“I started my career with mixed feelings, not knowing what the future had in store for me. Now, forty-five years later I’m happier than ever, it feels like it was just yesterday!”

“Right now, I have two feelings. I’m happy because I reached the milestone- this is massive for me. But I’m sad because each year, my work anniversary is the 911 anniversary – my actual hire day was September 11, 1978.”

“I remember the day very clearly. We actually watched the buildings collapsing, everyone flying out of the building, my kids crying, is mummy coming home. It was so sad,” Dottie said.

“However, life goes on. Sometimes, I wonder how I survived – well, a job is almost like marriage,” Dottie said.

“Being strong, having a positive attitude and not letting anything or anyone get to you – be sure you have a good foundation to stand tall and lean on each other.”

Dottie has worked in many different parts of the bank including payment receipting, investigations, reconciliations and commercial banking.

Dottie at her 45 year celebration at NAB with Nick Rallis, Manager, Financial Control.

“There are so many different things I did in my life. I call myself a Jack of all trades. Whatever needed to be done, I’m right there ready to go. I’m so happy to do it – that’s how I’ve been all my life.”

Throughout her career Dottie has demonstrated our Customer Service Behaviours including friendly and helpful.

“I’m just like a happy child, in that, I love everything I do, everything that comes my way. I never have any complaints, I just try to make other people happy.”

A consistent thread throughout her career has been her love for New York City.

“I love the craziness! There is not a dull moment in the city, there is always something going on.”

For Dottie, her career is marked with many happy moments and strong relationships with customers and colleagues.

“I just have beautiful memories. NAB is like my extended family, I feel like I grew up with them. During the time I’ve worked at the bank I got married, had my kids. My daughter is a registered nurse and my son works for American Airlines,” Dottie said.

“Life is good, I have a husband I love so much and I love my kids. I’m so happy.”

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