Inter-State of Origin brings big winnings to Adelaide



They may not have had a team in the game, but the city of Adelaide benefitted from Wednesday night’s State of Origin Game with fans spending more than $48 million across the city.

Spend is up 21% in the Metro Adelaide area when compared to 2020’s State of Origin match. The Adelaide Oval precinct alone also saw spend at bars up 228% and accommodation up by 125% compared to the same day in 2022.

NAB Executive Business Metro, Julie Rynski, said it was exciting to see local businesses benefiting from the buzz of the clash between the New South Wales-based Blues, and the Queensland-based Maroons.

“Adelaide is becoming the host city of choice for big sporting and entertainment events. Local businesses are greatly benefitting any time big drawcards like the State of Origin come to town,” Ms Rynski said.

“Sport continues to be a huge drawcard for interstate travel, with fans following their favourites across the country.

“While many are being more thoughtful about where they spend their money, it’s great to see fans supporting the local business community.”

Accommodation services benefited the most from the hype, with spend up 79%, and bars and pubs also saw a healthy increase of 28% on the same day in 2022.

Owner of the Kardachi Group, Simon Kardachi, who operates establishments such as Fugazzi Bar and Dining Room and Osteria Oggi, said the city was electric from lunchtime onwards.

“Both interstate guests and very eager locals were in town for the State of Origin match, and we saw plenty of new customers dining and drinking with us, which was fabulous,” Mr Kardachi said.

“We saw a roughly 20% boost in trade at our city establishments, with guests enjoying both long lunches as well as drinks and snacks following the game.”

As to who he thinks will take out the series?

“Tough to say but based on what I saw last night perhaps Queensland.”

Notes to editors:

  • Spend estimates taken from NAB merchant terminal data from 31 May 2023 and compared to 1 June 2022 and 4 November 2020.
  • Adelaide Oval Precinct is classified as postcodes 5000, 5006, 5007, 5070 & 5081.

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