‘My father was my biggest hero’



Greg celebrating his dad’s retirement in the old NAB Boardroom at 271 Collins Street.

There are many things that run in the family.

For Greg Moore, NAB Senior Consultant, Decision Strategy, that includes building a career at NAB over more than forty years – just like his dad!

“I would like to think I have some of his traits in terms of how he works with people. He and mum would be proud no matter what.”

“My father was my biggest hero. If there was someone I looked up to, it was always him,” Greg said.

Greg’s father Jeff worked at NAB for 43 years in predominantly frontline roles, working his way up to Branch Manager before moving into Group Audit towards the end of his career.

Greg said his dad enjoyed his time at NAB. Jeff started at NAB alongside former NAB CEO Nobby Clark, with both having frontline roles together at the NAB Penthurst Branch in the Western District.

“NAB was his career. Like me, he started straight out of school and into banking and only had the one employer all his life.”

NAB’s Greg Moore, Senior Consultant Decision Strategy.

When Greg finished school in South Gippsland he started looking for work.

“I often say to my colleagues ‘I said I’d never work at a bank!’ At the time I was trying to get work in South Gippsland but there were no roles going. Mum and Dad never pushed me but Dad said ‘Why don’t you give banking a try while you work out what you want to do in life.”

Greg applied for some roles and went through the process at the time of completing aptitude tests, reading, comprehension and math tests and then travelled to Melbourne for a series of interviews.

A few months later, Greg moved to Melbourne and started his first role at NAB’s 500 Bourke St office, in General Administration.

“My first job was delivering mail. At that stage General Administration had Graphic Design so between delivering mail I would go sit with them, proofread, get to see artworks, which was great. I couldn’t have started any lower, but it was a great way to get to know the bank.”

More than forty years later, Greg has built a rewarding career at NAB.

From General Administration Greg worked in the frontline, moving around regional Victoria until settling in Melbourne after having children. Greg’s career highlight has been moving into Marketing, where he has now worked for 23 years.

“A highlight for me was running a Marketing application – the opportunities that afforded me in has been phenomenal.”

“Terradata is the company that provided the software and I got to work with them for seven to eight years,” Greg said. It gave me the opportunity to work with a lot of banks around the world. I ended up implementing that application at BNZ and also Yorkshire Clydesdale and I got to see a bit of New Zealand and the UK as well.”

Greg’s dad Jeff (pictured, left) celebrating 40 years at NAB.

Underpinning his time at NAB has been a strong desire to provide excellence for customers.

“I have always been motivated to improve things for colleagues and customers through decisioning – especially all that time on the frontline. You talk to any frontline banker and they have a passion for customers. I’ve always had that,” Greg said.

“One of the strengths coming into marketing was having that frontline experience – you have lived experience of the products and how they are used. Everything I do is always about looking at things as a customer – how would this look or feel better.”

As for what Greg’s dad would say about being at NAB almost as long as him, Greg said he was sure his dad would be proud.

“I’ve got a couple of years to reach the same milestone, but I think I’ll catch him!”

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