NAB Digital Next: The University of Hong Kong’s Professor Douglas Arner on the platformisation of finance



Digital finance transformation is moving at rapid speed, with the use of platform-based models set to dominate over coming years as businesses realise the benefits of using data to build exceptional customer experiences.

The University of Hong Kong’s Professor Douglas Arner joined host NAB Executive Digital & Data Governance, Brad Carr, as part of the fourth instalment of the NAB Digital Next podcast to give his insights into the Chinese experience with finance platformisation. Doug discusses how digital and data have transformed finance and the economy in China, the key role of aggregate data gleaned from major tech, and how innovation and identity can intersect to support international trade and small business growth. NAB’s Executive Innovation and Partnerships, Howard Silby, also discusses how Australia can apply the learnings from China, and the key role of aggregate data in powering financial platforms.

NAB Digital Next is a podcast series that features digital experts from across the world, and explores the great opportunities, challenges and policy issues in modern digitised society.




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