NAB Foundation Grants bolster local disaster readiness and recovery projects



When natural disasters strike, local community organisations are often the first ones rolling up their sleeves to help get their neighbours back on their feet.

The NAB Foundation has recognised the crucial work of these groups, by granting $600,000 to projects that build resilience across Australia through its Community Grants program.

This year, the NAB Foundation increased the amount per individual grant to further uplift communities, with 26 groups receiving up to $25,000* each for their community-led projects. In prior years, grants have been provided of up to $10,000.

There was also a record number of submissions, with more than 240 groups applying under four categories including ‘training and planning’, ‘environment and wildlife’, ‘community recovery’ and ‘equipment and infrastructure’.

NAB Group Executive Sharon Cook said the increase of individual grant amounts demonstrated NAB Foundation’s commitment to offering financial support for communities facing more frequent natural disasters.

“We understand the value of local knowledge. Through the community grants program, we’re supporting local groups who are future proofing their regions,” Ms Cook said.

“It’s great to see this funding go towards a range of projects – from environmental restoration and emergency planning to new infrastructure and equipment, and the sharing of knowledge through training. It will make a real difference to how Australia manages natural disasters.

The NAB Foundation Community Grants program was designed to help local communities strengthen their resilience and enhance their recovery efforts, which can take several years after a disaster has occurred. NAB Foundation awards $1.2 million in Community Grants each year across two grant rounds.

The program is part of NAB Ready Together, an initiative that helps customers, colleagues and their communities withstand natural disasters. Since 2021, 343 projects across Australia have so far benefited from $4 million worth of community grants.

The next round of Community Grants will be open for applications in August.

Caring for Country

2023 Strong Women for Healthy Forum
Strong Women for Healthy Forum. Image supplied by Mimal.


The Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation operates in the centre of Arnhem Land, about 250km east from Katherine. The transfer of cultural knowledge and sharing of lived experiences is the heartbeat of the organisation’s land management. Mimal supports all-women rangers to work together to care for Country and ensure there is equal, and safe access to emergency services in the area when natural disasters hit, and has supported the growth of the NT-wide Strong women for Healthy Country Network.

Strong Women for Healthy Country Network Project Officer Sheila White says communication, and advocating for the women of the area is central to what they do.

Strong Women for Healthy Forum. Image supplied by Mimal.
Strong Women for Healthy Forum. Image supplied by Mimal.

“When disasters strike and people have lost communication with others, they can talk to us. We try and help them get access to emergency services,” Shelia said.

Funding from the Community Grant program will help Mimal facilitate training and run workshop activities throughout the Strong Women for Healthy Country Network Forum, which includes over 300 Indigenous women rangers, Elders, healers, artists and community workers from more than 40 communities.

“The Community Grant will help us achieve our vision to stand united as one strong voice. It will allow us to continue to run our Forums, provide a safe space for women to have someone they can talk to about the issues and what’s going on in our communities and to also have conversations around caring for Country.”

Building stronger communities across Australia

Image supplied by Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council


The Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council, in Queensland’s north, faces significant environmental risks. When Cyclone Jasper flooded the region late last year, they were left isolated.

“The only road out of the community was flooded for two days and intermittently for three weeks. The cyclone caused widespread disruption, making it challenging for residents to access essential services and hampering our recovery efforts,” Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Daryl Sexton said.

With the support of NAB Foundation Community Grants, the Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council will enhance its emergency response capabilities during extreme weather events and natural disasters by procuring an Emergency Response equipment package, consisting of chainsaws, portable LED signs and barriers.

“The support from the NAB Foundation fills us with pride and validation for our efforts, reinforcing our commitment to building a stronger, more resilient Yarrabah. The grant is invaluable. It will allow us to procure essential equipment and enhance our emergency preparedness,” Daryl said.

Recognising those flying under the radar

Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s mission is simple but ambitious – the effective conservation of local animals and the habitats in which they live.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy surveying Kangaroo Island

With wildlife injuries on the rise, as community’s battles more fires, floods and storms, the organisation is focused on restoring healthy ecosystems that are resilient to the impacts of disasters, as well as delivering best-practice land management programs.

In January 2020, Joe Schofield, who is Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Regional Operations Manager, Central South, got the call that he needed to get to Kangaroo Island as soon as possible, as bushfires tore through the region.  Within 24 hours, he was driving past smouldering fires with a roll of flagging tape in his pocket, ready to survey, mark and align a critical refuge fence. This fence would ultimately provide a safe haven for the Kangaroo Island Dunnart, which had just lost 95% of its habitat.

“As an action-oriented not-for-profit, Australian Wildlife Conservancy is able to respond rapidly to get the right people in the right places to save species,” Joe said.

“This funding will support the continued recovery of Kangaroo Island. Through shared knowledge, we will help to build fire resilience across the region and protect the island’s community, economy and unique biodiversity.”

“It will allow us to collaborate with key local stakeholders to aid bushfire recovery and readiness and implement best-practice ecological fire management – including preventative planning, cool burning, fuel load reduction and emergency response planning and delivery.

Notes to editor

  • The grant size has more than doubled in 2024, from up to $10,000 in 2023.
  • A complete list of NAB Foundation Community Grant recipients can be viewed on NAB’s Grant recipient page.
  • More information on NAB Foundation’s grant programs can be found via
  • Beyond financial funding, for more than 20 years, NAB colleagues have led one of the largest corporate volunteering and giving programs in Australia. In 2023, NAB colleagues contributed more than 40,000 hours of volunteer work.
  • Applications for community grants are assessed on their relevance to the program aims of natural disaster resilience and recovery, feasibility, with a preference for smaller, community-led projects and are reviewed by NAB leaders from each state or territory.

Community Grants


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