Information regarding NAB Job Search portal

Updated statement 3pm 22 June 2018 

PageUp People, a company that provides NAB with software services used as part of our recruitment process, recently notified us that their IT systems may have been accessed by an unauthorised party.

PageUp People advised that, as a result, job applicant data of its clients, including NAB, stored on the platform may have been compromised.

They are still investigating this incident. At this point in time, they have not confirmed whether the data of any people who have applied for jobs at NAB has been affected.

Information on the data potentially impacted by this incident is available on the PageUp People website:

When notified, NAB took the immediate action to suspend our Job Portal for further recruitment – and remains unavailable.

PageUp People have now advised us that they have secured their systems and following further information from the Australian Cyber Security Centre, we have resumed limited Job Centre processes, to complete recruitment for positions already underway.

What is NAB doing?

We are taking all necessary action to protect our job candidates’ data. NAB’s Security team are in contact with PageUp People, and Australian Government and law enforcement cyber security experts regarding the investigation, so we are informed of any new details of the investigation as they arise. We are also in contact with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

We are also contacting people who have applied for or been identified as a potential candidate for a job at NAB.

We have engaged the services of IDCARE, which specialises in National Identity and Cyber Support services, to provide NAB candidates with general security information, advice and support, including advice on some of the steps that you could take to help protect your personal information.

If you have used NAB’s online recruitment system and have questions about how this incident relates to you or would like further assistance, you can contact IDCARE, on 1300 432 273 using the code NABAPP or visit their website and enter the code in the Organisation Referral Code section:

For media enquiries please call NAB media line on +61 3 8641 0180.

Statement 6 June 2018

NAB is among a number of large Australian organisations which has suspended its use of external recruitment technology provider, PageUp People.

This follows advice from PageUp People that it is currently investigating unauthorised activity on its IT system – as detailed on its website.

The NAB Job Search portal, used for both internal and external recruitment activities, is supported by PageUp and is therefore currently unavailable.

NAB is seeking further information from PageUp People about this incident.

NAB’s Chief Privacy Officer, Jade Haar: “We take the security of personal information extremely seriously. We have an active investigation to ascertain what data, if any, has been affected.

“We are working closely with PageUp and the relevant authorities to take appropriate action, as quickly as possible.

“We apologise for any concern this issue may cause.”



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