NAB launches ‘Meet Now’ for home loan appointments every 15 mins



  • NAB launches Meet Now: a virtual meeting service to connect home loan bankers to customers within 15 minutes
  • Meet Now pools 600 lending specialists from across the country to serve customers anywhere in Australia
  • Meet Now responds to the increasing popularity of digital banking, with 93% of NAB transactions happening online


NAB has launched a new service that virtually connects customers to any one of 600 home loan bankers within 15 minutes, wherever they are across Australia.

NAB’s Executive Retail, Krissie Jones said the Meet Now service responded to a growing demand from customers for convenience for a whole range of services, including banking.

“Virtual appointments exploded in popularity during the pandemic and it’s clear they are here to stay. Alongside your GP, accountant, real estate agent and your wedding planner, you can now meet with your home lender online within 15 minutes,” Ms Jones said.

“We’re seeing customers in Toowoomba being served by bankers in Perth later into the evening so they can get their banking done after their working day. We’ve found the time differences across Australia are really working to our customer’s favour.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in Darwin, Wagga, Melbourne or Chinchilla, you can now be chatting with a lending specialist from the comfort of your home, coffee shop or workplace.

“Whether it’s sorting out savings on your app after the kids have gone to bed or meeting with a lender at the kitchen table, Meet Now is just another example of how Australians are choosing to bank where and when it suits them.”

How Meet Now works:

  • Customers are linked up with a ‘Meet Now’ home lending specialist by a NAB banker over the phone or in branch.
  • Home lending specialists in NAB branches will still be available to take customer appointments on demand or by booking here.

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