NAB unveils new-look branch as a place to trial products, services



NAB customers can explore the latest products to help manage their money more efficiently, or seek help, guidance and advice from financial experts in the one location, at NAB’s new flagship branch in central Sydney.

The 600 square-metre reimagined branch at 333 George Street, called NAB on George, will be officially opened today after an intensive design, build and recruitment campaign.

NAB’s Chief Customer Officer for Consumer Banking and Wealth, Andrew Hagger, said the branch was a working demonstration of NAB’s vision for integrated customer service.

“The design is all about making it easier for Australians to have all their financial needs met in the one location, whether that’s buying a house, saving for retirement or starting a business,” Mr Hagger said.

“Our new flagship branch has been designed to match customers with the right expertise through a variety of options – whether that’s speaking to one of our strategically-recruited branch staff; testing out NAB’s digital products in the ‘explore zone’; booking time for a cross-country conversation via video conferencing facilities; or attending one of our seminars or showcase events.

“NAB on George is a place for customers to speak to an expert, ask complex questions, get personalised advice, and learn about new products and services to help them with their everyday banking.”

Executive General Manager of Retail, Bob Melrose, said NAB was trialling new ways of working to meet the changing needs of customers.

“One of the unique elements we have factored into the branch design is the ability to pilot new products and services before they are brought to market, which will ultimately inform our future branches,” Mr Melrose said.

“Our aim is to educate our customers on the different options available online or at one of our digital kiosks by showcasing the latest tools that can save them time and provide greater choice and flexibility.

“Our research shows that the way customers will interact with us in five years’ time will very likely be different to how they do today, as we see customers continue to move away from traditional transaction-based interactions like cash withdrawals and cheque deposits in branch.”

“Last financial year, our frontline bankers helped more than two million customers with in-depth and personalised help, guidance and advice – that’s what we want to focus on doing.

“To strengthen this focus at NAB on George, it was crucial that we had the right people on the ground with a real passion for working differently to meet the needs of customers.

“Our recruitment strategy had a strong focus on attracting the best people for delivering a great overall customer experience through the creation of multi-skilled roles. The people we’ve brought on board have.”


NAB on George features

  • Integrated customer experience
    • Retail, Small & Micro Business and Wealth experts in a single location.
    • Hosting seminars and networking events with NAB experts and other customers.
    • Hosting showcases to demonstrate new products and offers for customers in branch.
  • Changing technology
    • Demonstrating the latest digital tools and self-serve functions in branch.
    • Piloting new products, functionality and ways of working to inform the future design of branches.
    • Staff equipped with tablets that enable mobility and easy access to the right information when assisting customers.
  • People
    • Staff trained with a superior knowledge in educating customers, of NAB’s digital offerings to better support customers.
    • A new staff structure with an emphasis on customer education and experience.
    • In-house hospitality through the Wise Foundation Barista Program, which helps people seeking asylum to gain work experience and training.




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