New round of NAB Foundation Community Grants now open



  • Community groups can apply for grants of up to $25,000 for local projects that help communities withstand and recover from natural disasters.
  • NAB Foundation Community Grants are now open to community groups until 30 April 2024.

Local community groups across Australia are being invited to apply for NAB Foundation Community Grants of up to $25,000 to support communities withstand and recover from natural disasters.

The new round of NAB Foundation Community Grants, part of NAB Foundation’s $1.2 million in community grants provided annually, supports community-led projects relating to:

  • Training and planning – educational workshops, practical and strategic planning that help communities prepare for a natural disaster.
  • Community recovery – programs to enhance community connection, resilience and wellbeing post-natural disaster.
  • Environment and wildlife – restoration of damaged vegetation and habitat, and rehabilitation of injured wildlife

Equipment and infrastructure – tools, equipment and infrastructure improvements that help communities withstand natural disasters or recover in their aftermath.

NAB Executive, Sustainability, Jessica Forrest, said communities across Australia are being forced to respond to natural disasters too frequently.

“We see it happening too often now, where communities get hit by natural disasters with devastating impacts,” Ms Forrest said.

“We know that each time a natural disaster takes place, there’s groups within the community that step up and help the community get back on their feet, or help prepare for the next one by building resilience.

“It takes many hands to recover from a natural disaster, and we want to make sure the community groups making a big impact can get financial support to help fund their important work.”

Community groups, can apply online for the grants by 30 April, 2024, and do not need to be NAB customers to be eligible.




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