Now you’re talking! Virtual assistant set to change Aussies’ relationship with super



They say ‘talk is cheap’, but when it comes to the future of Aussies’ superannuation, it may be worth every cent, with MLC today launching Australia’s first superannuation virtual assistant.


Available now on Google Home devices, Talk to MLC aims to bridge the engagement gap for Australians and superannuation – making it simpler, clearer and easier for people to connect with their financial future.

MLC’s Customer Experience Specialist, Peter Forster, said customers want more information, education and transparency so they feel more empowered before and during retirement. Virtual Assistants, he said, will play a major role in helping make this a reality.

“Speaking to your super fund means getting to know and grow your super more easily, quickly, and conveniently, and that has the potential to help millions of Aussies.

Talk to MLC has been programmed to answer the fifteen most common questions people ask us – including how they can open an MLC account, change their investment options, and how to find lost super.

“In the near future, we’ll be able to help people with personalised tips to boost their super, give projections of where their super will be at retirement, and speak to them about how investing their money in super instead of spending it could add up. After that, the world is really our oyster,” Mr Forster said.

MLC expects Millennials, older Australians, and those with busy schedules will be among the first to “Talk to MLC”, but the technology will soon become as everyday as a mobile phone.

“Very soon we expect most people to access their super this way – it’s convenient, you don’t have to remember passwords, and the whole experience will be highly personalised,” Mr Forster said.

“The technology took us six weeks to develop and deploy, and we’re in the process of developing other technology at a similar speed that will help to reduce asymmetry of information and further benefit our customers.

“It’s exciting to be creating innovative products and services to help our customers make the most of their super and their money.”

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