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The below is a note sent from NAB Group Executive People and Culture, Susan Ferrier, to employees following an FSU survey on work hours.

Dear colleagues,

We are aware of some upcoming media coverage that has been initiated by the FSU to highlight NAB working hours and the impact on colleague health and wellbeing.  The insights shared by the FSU were captured in a survey it conducted with members earlier this year and highlight some concerning experiences.

Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of our people and we also believe that NAB colleagues should be fairly paid for the work that they do. There is no expectation that NAB colleagues work unreasonable additional hours.

Speaking up

We take seriously any instance where workload impacts a colleagues health and life outside work. We support all colleagues to speak up if they have any concerns and have established a range of channels for you to do this, including confidentially if that is what you prefer:

Colleagues who have concerns about their wellbeing or workload are encouraged to speak to their People Leader or another member of their leadership team in the first instance.
Colleagues can also contact Colleague Connect, the  Health Safety and Wellbeing team or the NAB Whistleblower Program.

Support is available

We have a range of tools and resources available for all colleagues, a good place to start is the Your Health & Wellbeing page. Additional support is available for all colleagues and their families via MyCoach.

We are continuing to have productive discussions with the FSU about addressing the concerns identified in their survey. We will be transparent with you and provide further updates as they arise.

Yours sincerely,




Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries, please contact the NAB Media Line on 03 7035 5015

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