Statement from NAB on the Business Growth Fund

Statement attributable to Leigh O’Neill, NAB Customer Executive, Business Direct and Small Business:

“Small businesses tell us that to grow they need better and easier access to capital. Solving this challenge requires that we work together to ensure that Australian SMEs have access to a range of funding options that reflect the unique circumstances and potential of each business.

“This is why NAB supports the concept of an Australian Business Growth Fund. We believe it can provide a new way for SMEs to receive long-term equity capital investments to grow their businesses, invest in new technology and create more jobs.

“We believe there is more that can be done and we take confidence from the UK and Canadian Business Growth Funds that have operated successfully for a number of years.

“At the Government roundtable today in Canberra NAB offered to lead and chair an industry working group to further progress this opportunity.  We welcome the participation of other entities interested in seeing an independent BGF established and supporting small business to thrive.”



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