Ted’s dream: a double-qualified architect!



Ted Huang was offered a permanent role after completing the NAB Technology Talent Program, previously known as the IT Intern Program at NAB.

Prior to joining NAB Software Engineer Ted Huang worked with architectural consultants for seven years in the construction industry.

“That was my story, until COVID came in 2020. Then sites got shut down, lots of projects stopped – there was a big impact for the construction industry,” Ted said.

“I was continuing to seek some architecture design jobs but it was difficult. I thought, I already have my registration as a qualified Architect, I’m not that old and I’m willing to learn something new. So why not do something new?”

Information Technology was something Ted wanted to pursue even before he completed his undergraduate architecture degree in China.

“Considering how interested I’d always been in Information Technology I made my decision to become a student again, in Australia,” he said.

Whilst completing his studies Ted applied for the NAB Technology Talent Program, previously known as the IT Intern Program at NAB.

“It was not an easy step because I was not from an IT background but I studied really hard to gain the fundamental knowledge of IT and Computer Science from the classroom and my spare time. I think that helped me a lot.”

For Ted, the appeal of working in IT is that it can be used in many different industries and offers a wider range of career opportunities.

“The fascination of IT for me is that it’s something that can be used for any industry. In the future I hope to engage a bit more with my original background in Architecture, using my tech skills.”

NAB Economics research on ‘The Changing Workplace’ that found younger people are still most likely to leave a workplace if it doesn’t match their values or expectations of salary and development opportunities.

Around 4 in 10 (39%) workers in the 18-29 age group changed jobs in the past year (down from 44% in Q3), compared to just over 1 in 4 (27%) in the 30-49 age group and 12% in the 50-64 group. By industry, the number that changed jobs in the past year was highest in Agribusiness (52%).

Ted said a significant incentive for transitioning careers was the growth and development opportunities tech offered.

But he said one of the most rewarding parts of his experiencing changing industries has been the support and development opportunities he has received at NAB.

“NAB has a diverse friendly environment, especially for people with a totally different professional background. I would like to thank the Technology Careers team and the RAgE team I work for – they have been a big support for me, especially helping me understand the tech systems and if I wanted to do self-learning,” he said.

He is most proud of becoming doubly qualified as both Azure and AWS Cloud practitioner.

“I would also like to say a special thanks to the NAB Cloud Guild, which is also very dedicated to tech education and bootcamps. That’s what I came to NAB for – the knowledge and support I have gained, which has enhanced my confidence and soft skills.”

For Ted his dream is to follow a career path towards becoming a solutions architect.

“I’m already a qualified Architect in construction, now my dream is to become a solutions architect in IT! A double qualified architect!” he said.

“Building solutions with code and designing for software projects by using my previous architectural mindset – that’s my target. I’m working hard for that as God is in the details.”

Start your IT career with NAB. Our Technology Talent Program includes the NAB StarCamp bootcamp and an opportunity to join our Technology Residency Program. Find out more at the NAB Technology Talent Program website.

Visit the NAB Careers website to find out more about a career at NAB.




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