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NAB’s Luana Geng thought she was destined to be an Aerospace Engineer.

“While aerospace initially fascinated me, the industry presented limited career progression and flexibility. I wanted something a bit more challenging where I could explore a variety of roles and careers,” said Luana.

Stepping away from her initial passion for aerospace, Luana found herself drawn to data and analytics.

“I always had a drive for problem solving and drawing insights from data. So I thought that I could use my skills more effectively in other industries, where real-life data analytics played a significant role,” said Luana.

“I realised that an engineering background like mine could be an asset in such a data-driven field.”

Keen to launch her data career, Luana applied for NAB’s Graduate Program in 2019.

“NAB’s Graduate Program presented the perfect opportunity to explore different areas and lay the foundations for a successful career,” she said.

As a part of our Grad Program, Luana delved into credit card and personal loan analysis and other projects.

“The Graduate Program was truly transformative for me,” she said. “Along with the mentorship, career coaching and networking opportunities, I was able to get involved in real work and it gave me the chance to apply my skills in new and exciting ways.”

Luana loves her data, but also her dogs (Benji and Cindi).

Luana’s aerospace degree laid a solid foundation for her career at NAB, providing her with a strong aptitude for coding and a deep understanding of complex systems.

“The problem-solving and analytical skills I developed in aerospace engineering directly translated to my work at NAB,” she said.

“It allowed me to understand complex systems, think critically, and find innovative solutions.”

In just five years, Luana has emerged as a Senior Credit Risk Analyst, playing a pivotal role in the Business Credit Portfolio Management team.

“Just as understanding the mechanics of flight enabled me to appreciate the works of engineering, delving into data analytics at NAB has unveiled a new canvas of possibilities and insights,” she said.

But while she’s passionate about data and analytics, it’s the collaborative and inspiring culture at NAB that she loves the most.

“The people at NAB make all the difference,” she said. “I’m surrounded by supportive colleagues who are always ready to lend a hand and help me grow professionally.

“It creates an environment where I can truly bring my whole self to work and make a meaningful contribution.”

Luana has also participated in Women in Tech programs at NAB, aimed at promoting gender diversity in the sector and empower women in their careers.

“Being a part of the Women in Tech programs at NAB has been an incredibly empowering experience,” she said. “It has given me the opportunity to connect with other women in the industry and advocate and learn from their experiences.”

Luana has a clear message for any graduates considering a career at NAB, especially those who believe their chosen degree may limit their options.

“NAB is a place where opportunities abound,” she said. “Don’t let your chosen degree hold you back. Keep an open mind, explore different areas, and be willing to learn new things.

“You might be surprised by the diverse possibilities that NAB has to offer.”

Applications for NAB’s 2025 Graduate Program are now open. See our Graduate Careers page if you know someone who may be interested.  

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