“This creates a safe space for me”



NAB has made it easier for customers who identify as trans and gender diverse to affirm their identity following an initiative by the bank’s Inclusion and Diversity team and NAB Pride Network.

The new trans and gender diverse banking online hub brings together NAB’s easy to use services for affirming their identity and gender-inclusive application forms for new customers.

Kim Lee, NAB Data Analyst and NAB Pride leader said that being misgendered can be a daily experience for people who identify as trans and gender diverse.

“Seeing my correct name or title when I open my banking app creates a safe space for me and removes the stress and anxiety caused when I’m misgendered,” Kim said.

“As a trans person, you have likely experienced being misgendered while getting a coffee, boarding a plane, or even visiting your local doctor. After enduring a day filled with discrimination, coming home to find your credit card statement addressed with a title or name that doesn’t align with your identity can be deeply disheartening.”

NAB colleague Kim Lee

“It’s a reoccurring experience that one has to go through every day, not just a one off. That’s why I am passionate about driving these changes, to help foster a sense of belonging, respect and dignity for every individual who banks with us.”

“The ability to affirm one’s identity easily and respectfully provides hope and acceptance for trans and gender diverse individuals, who too often face discrimination and exclusion in our everyday lives,” Kim said.

“For some people, there can be a significant amount of trauma associated with a previous name or using the wrong pronouns, and if we can alleviate this in any aspect of their lives, we should strive to do so.”

Co-chair of NAB Pride and NAB executive Julie Patterson said that all customers deserved a safe and supportive banking experience.

“We want all customers to have a positive banking experience and this new hub does that by making it simple for new and existing customers to update their details to reflect their affirmed identity,” Julie said.

“It is a small but significant step in making sure banking is inclusive for all customers.”


How to affirm your gender online

It’s easy and hassle-free to update your gender, title and other details online, even if they don’t match your identity documents. Follow the steps outlined:


How to use NAB Messaging on mobile

How to use NAB Messaging on Desktop

  1. Log into the NAB app on your device.
  2. Tap the NAB Messaging icon.
  3. Tap Start Conversation.
  4. Type ‘affirm my gender’ then tap Send.
  1. Enter your 8 to 10-digit user ID, and your password. Then select Login.
  2.  Select the NAB Messaging icon.
  3.  Select Start Conversation.
  4.  Type ‘affirm my gender’, then select Send.

For information and resources for customers who identify as trans and gender diverse, visit the NAB trans and gender diverse banking online hub.



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