Be bold: NAB leaders share their career advice for #IWD2018



To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve asked some NAB leaders to share their best piece of career advice. These are their insights.

Laura Mattiazzi
NAB Regional Agribusiness Manager

“Talk to yourself more, on who you are, and what you want to be and form an action plan.  Because once you know where you are going, the world will open up to you.”

Lorraine Murphy
NAB Chief People Officer

“Be ambitious and help other people to set and achieve bold goals too. Never, ever stop learning.”


Lee Hatton

“Dream big – the only person in your way is you. Take the time to breathe – “having it all” is for you to define, no one else can tell you what the answer is. And, run fast together – it’s so much more fun in a team.”

Sharon Cook
NAB Chief Legal and Commercial Counsel

“Women thinking they need to mimic men or mimic other successful women in order to be successful – that just doesn’t work. We have to be authentic to ourselves, to our values and to our purpose”.

Ann Sherry
NAB Non-Executive Director

“Be true to yourself and don’t try and be something you are not to fit in! Be bold and take risks.”

Angela Mentis

The best role is the one in which you’re using the skills and passions you enjoy. Use every role as an opportunity to learn something new. My dad always said to me “you can do anything with a positive attitude, hard work and delivering the outcomes”.

I believe you can have a rewarding career balanced with a fulfilling family life. But it’s unrealistic to pretend that it’s easy, you must be committed and it takes loads of hard work. You must be really focused, clear on your priorities (family and work) and get the support required and you will succeed.

Andrew Thorburn
NAB Chief Executive Officer

As a father of two working women, as the CEO of NAB, and as a Male Champion of Change, I want women to be able to achieve their goals, whether they are my family, our customers, employees or members of our community. I want our women to back themselves, be bold and know that we back them.

Find out how NAB is backing communities.



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