Changes to NAB’s agencies in regional WA



  • Over the last two years, NAB will have invested close to $2M to improve banking services in regional WA.
  • Following consultation with local teams, NAB can confirm Darkan, Tammin, Hyden and Mingenew agencies will close in September.
  • Customers can continue to do their banking at local Australia Post offices, including making deposits up to $10,000 cash or withdrawals up to $2,000 per day.
  • NAB continues to back regional WA with over 40 Agribusiness and Business Bankers on the road, at the other NAB branches across the region and through local sponsorships

In 2018, the way customers are banking in regional WA has changed. Today, in response, NAB confirms changes to its agencies in the area.

Across the surrounding areas, NAB has invested nearly $2M to improve branches and install Smart ATMs where customers can pay bills, check balances, and withdraw cash so customers can bank at their convenience.

As improvements are made to some branches, other branches and agencies in the area will be closing. On average, over 70% of NAB customers who do their banking at our agencies in Darkan, Tammin, Hyden and Mingenew also use other branches in the area.

As agencies, these locations do not operate regular banking hours and do not have the same suite of services as branches.  For example, while an agency does processes over the counter transactions, they do not offer lending services. These branches are open between six hours and eleven hours a week.

Libby Greenwood, NAB General Manager, Retail WA, explained the decision was a difficult one to make and was only made after consultation with staff and careful consideration.

“The way customers are banking in regional WA and right across Australia is changing,” Ms Greenwood said.

“In regional WA, on average over 70% of customers in Darkan, Tammin, Hyden and Mingenew also use other NAB branches as well as using phone and internet banking.

“For this reason, we have made a difficult decision and one we don’t take lightly, to close the Darkan, Tammin, Hyden and Mingenew agencies in September this year.

“While we understand these changes will affect the surrounding community, NAB will continue to back the area through its services at other NAB branches and with over 40 dedicated NAB Agribusiness Bankers and Business Bankers on the road.”

Ms Greenwood emphasised that NAB wants to continue to help our customers with their banking.

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be spending time with our customers explaining the different banking options available to them, including online banking and the many banking options at Australia Post.

“We will also be working with local community organisations to see how else we can help support locals through this transition.

“We have sent letters to our customers to let them know of the changes as well as providing information on how they can continue banking, whether that is at a nearby branch, online, over the phone or at their local Australia Post.

“At Australia Post outlets, NAB customers can do banking like check account balances, pay bills and make deposits up to $10,000 cash or withdrawals up to $2,000 per day.”

NAB is working with our local employees at these agencies to discuss their next steps.

“When we make changes to our branches and agencies, we make every effort to find opportunities for our local teams at other locations in our network, and often this is possible. If we can’t find opportunities, we help our employees through The Bridge, our industry leading program where employees are provided up to six months of career coaching as they decide what’s next for them – whether that be retirement, pursuing a new career or starting a small business.”

Note to editors:

As agencies, these locations do not operate regular banking hours.

  • The Tammin Agency is open one day a week on Thursday from 9.30am to 2.30pm – but is closed from 12.00pm to 12.30pm.
  • The Mingenew Agency is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am to 4pm – but is closed from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.
  • The Hyden Agency is open Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm.
  • The Darken Agency is open Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 2pm.

VNR: NAB makes changes to agencies in regional WA



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