Connecting small business communities in Geelong

NAB business and community customers can now access state-of-the-art co-working and meeting rooms, with a 670 square-metre space at 43-45 Brougham Street Geelong officially opening today.

The Village- Geelong follows the success of the inaugural Village space at NAB’s Docklands headquarters.

NAB’s Executive General Manager Business Direct and Small Business Leigh O’Neill, said the space was a working demonstration of NAB’s vision for easy, personal and supportive banking, particularly in the moments that matter to our customers.

“We are proud of this space- our small business and community customers can connect, share and learn from each other. We are absolutely committed to helping our customers build successful and sustainable businesses in this region.”

Membership of The Village is free for business and community customers who have their primary trading account with NAB, and includes access to Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, co-working desks and drop-in areas.

“We know that small businesses often work from home in isolation and don’t have access to the resources they need for a functional office space.”

“The Village can provide basic business needs, but it is also a space to learn from colleagues, collaborate and connect with like-minded people at any stage of your business cycle,” O’Neill adds.

“We know that the concept works, and the outstanding results from our existing space at our Docklands headquarters is testament to this.”

The 500m2 space at 700 Bourke Street, Docklands opened in February 2014 and has capacity for more than 100 customers to work on-site at the same time.

Since its opening over 2500 businesses have used The Village- Docklands, of which 70% constitute small business customers.

For more information or to become a member of The Village,

For more information on The Village- Geelong,

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