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The wellness industry has exploded over the last two decades, as people from across the globe seek out antidotes to the pace of modern life, leaning more and more on the ancient traditions of meditation, yoga and bathing.

Founded by Charles Davidson and co-lead with Bharat Mitra, the Peninsula Hot Springs has been at the forefront of this movement in Australia, opening its doors in 2005.

“It all began lying in a hot pool in Japan in 1992, and it was one of those epiphany moments in life where I was looking up at these mountains and snow covered trees and just felt this sense of connection with nature, and I just thought, why don’t we have this at home in Australia? And that started it.”

Over the years, there has been a strong focus, not only on creating a wellness space, but also a community in which people can heal.

“We’ve created a profitable, thriving business, which comes as a by-product of living our purpose, which is to provide wellness to as many people as possible, and for the environment that we’re in.”


Key to the success of the business is the land on which it’s built and run, connecting their customers to the environment around them and hopefully inspiring them to carry that feeling with them long after they’ve left the soothing baths.

“The passion for the environment goes beyond just running this operation. It’s also about inspiring each and every person who comes here to be an ambassador of conscious environmental behaviour, wherever they go, in whatever they do.”


The Peninsula Hot Springs is testament that making money and looking after the environment aren’t mutually exclusive, a concept they hope other business owners will create space for.

“We need to change the paradigm where we believe that there is a contradiction between planet and profit.

“It’s a moment for all businesses to recognise their responsibility for the community and for the environment as fundamental for the health of the business.”

Watch NAB’s Executive for Business and Private Banking, Andrew Irvine chat with Charles and Bharat about their wellness mission and their dedication towards a better environmental future.




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