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The most successful business ideas are born out of necessity. And that’s exactly what happened to former-fashion designer Hayley Worley from Sheet Society back in 2017.

“I’d shopped for bedsheets in a big department store, and I thought I liked the colour. But when I took it home and unwrapped it and it was awful, and I couldn’t return it.

“With fashion, you can literally take all your clothes off and try them on, but there was no such experience with sheets. I just couldn’t reconcile those two shopping experiences.”

With the support of her husband Andy, Hayley quit her job and Sheet Society was born. Utilising her textiles and design experience, Hayley started to create the brand’s signature fashion-forward bedding.

Taking the hustle fulltime

A stint of maternity leave saw Andy join the business full time in 2019, but it was the infamous events of 2020 that saw this steadily growing Melbourne brand really take off.

“We’d bought all this stock and people aren’t going out, let’s go, this is our moment.”

Online and upwards

The brand’s exponential growth, which now includes a warehouse in Brunswick, a staff of 100, and purchases flooding in from all over the world, has largely been due to the brand’s online presence.

“We’ve just been trying everything – different channels, different tactics, seeing what stuck and then doubling down.

“We’re looking to expand different channels as well to help with our international growth.”

An augmented future

Harnessing the endless possibilities of technology, the entrepreneurial pair are continuing to push the boundaries of their products, their retail presence and the online experience for their customers.

“Just bolstering that offering of everything for the bed.”

Watch NAB’s Executive for Business and Private Banking, Andrew Irvine chat with Hayley and Andy from Sheet Society to hear about how they harnessed the e-commerce world to scale and grow their business.


This conversation is part of NAB’s business series – From the Ground Up – where we chat with Australia’s entrepreneurs, hearing about the trials and tribulations of their journey and their secrets for success.

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