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NAB today announced it was supporting the creation of a digital identity ecosystem, which will enable Australians to more easily validate their identity across e-commerce, utilities, banking and other services and boost protection against fraud.

NAB has worked closely with the newly-formed Australian Payments Plus (AP+) – a consolidation of domestic payment organisations BPAY, eftpos and NPP Australia – and other banks on the ‘ConnectID’ digital identity solution.

Through ConnectID, NAB will play a critical role in the network as a trusted identity provider, verifying a customer’s identity with the customer’s consent whenever they need to validate their identity online.

NAB Chief Digital, Data and Analytics Officer, Angela Mentis, said NAB was proud to play a critical role in the initiative, giving customers added protection and convenience when verifying their identity online.

“We want to make life easier for our customers when they are going through a process of validating their identity online and also provide a safe way to do that which protects their data and privacy,” Ms Mentis said.

“ConnectID gives customers full control to use only data that is absolutely necessary when completing identity verifications; they will be able to do things like digitally prove their age rather than passing over their driver’s license for the same purpose.

“When signing up for a new mobile phone plan or other service for example, identity data will only be accessed when a customer initiates a transaction, authenticates themselves using their regular banking login, and provides express consent.”

Ms Mentis said using digital identity would also help customers protect themselves from the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime.

“In online transactions, it will essentially be easier to establish that the person you’re dealing with is who they say they are, which greatly minimises the chances of falling victim to online fraud.”

Ms Mentis said NAB also sees ConnectID’s digital identity as providing crucial support for the business community in Australia.

“As Australia’s leading business bank, we see an opportunity to support businesses in making their processes more efficient,” Ms Mentis said.

“Businesses will see improved data quality with data verified directly from trusted parties such as a bank, lower costs in customer onboarding and identity verification across sectors, and manual processes replaced by digital convenience.

“This will have flow-on benefits in terms of more streamlined business operations and trust in the digital economy.

“It will also reduce their risks from having to hold data that is in excess of what is required.”

ConnectID will begin commercial trials in late 2022, with all Australians to have access from mid-2023.

You can read more about the partnership on the AP+ website here and view videos which explain how digital identity works in various settings here.

To learn more about global trends in Digital Identity, you can tune in here to our latest NAB Digital Next podcast with guest Joni Brennan of the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada.

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