NAB insights show Melbourne Cup is the race that stops a nation



NAB’s customer channels experience a massive drop in activity during the Melbourne Cup race.

NAB has completed an analysis of its channels, including NAB’s Internet Banking and Mobile Internet Banking to see if the Melbourne Cup race really does stop the nation.

The results show a massive drop in activity between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on the first Tuesday of November, a trend which is apparent over the past few years.

General Manager NAB Digital, Todd Copeland said NAB wanted to see how customers used the channels during the Melbourne Cup.

“If NAB’s analysis of customer behaviour is any indication, the Melbourne Cup really is the race that stops a nation.”

“We have analysed NAB’s Internet Banking and Mobile Internet Banking channels for the first Tuesday of November over the past three years between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, and it shows a 60 per cent drop in desktop logins and a 40 per cent drop in mobile logins during the race.”

“Considering most of the country is working normal business hours, this is an incredible change in normal activity – especially noting the rise we’ve seen in Mobile Internet Banking.”

NAB also experiences a significant drop off in calls to the contact centre and ATM usage.


NAB Melbourne Cup trends

–       NAB’s Internet Banking shows a 60 per cent drop in desktop logins.

–       NAB Mobile Internet Banking has a 40 per cent drop in logins via a mobile device.

–       NAB’s Direct Consumer Contact Centre experiences a drop in call volumes by 45 per cent.

–       NAB’s ATM network sees a 23 per cent drop in usage (in 2013)




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