NAB’s Morning Call podcast attracts 50,000 a week



Since 2016, NAB Head of FX Strategy Ray Attrill and his team have taken it in turns to wake up at 4am to record the NAB Morning Call podcast, which now rates amongst Australia’s best podcasts and reaches up to 50,000 listeners a week.

The 15-minute podcast is published daily. It is simple and punchy, updating listeners on key economic and market movements and advising them on what to look out for each day.

The idea for the podcast was coined by Ray Attrill and journalist and podcast host Phil Dobbie.

“Phil Dobbie, the host of the podcast, happened to be my next-door neighbour at the time. He recognised there was a gap in the podcast market for this kind of format, and he was right,” Mr Attrill said.

“It’s clear a lot of our listeners have a narrow window in the morning where they want to hear what’s been going on in the world and what might be happening in the days ahead, but they need that information at a time that works for them.”

“The most rewarding part of doing the podcast is reaching a broad audience of Australians from all walks of life, not just CEOs or finance analysts, although they get a lot out of it too. Its broad appeal is really pleasing.

“Our listeners are telling us they really enjoy what we’re doing and value the insights and commentary we’re providing on the forces shaping movements in Australian and global markets, which is great to hear,” Mr Attrill said.

The podcast is published each weekday morning at around 7am AEST and is available from most podcast platforms, including Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google and Tunein.

The Podcast team includes Ray Attrill and Rodrigo Catril from FX Research, David de Garis and Gavin Friend from NAB’s London office, Tapas Strickland from Market Economics and is hosted by UK-based broadcaster and writer Phil Dobbie.

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An article on The Morning Call podcast first appeared in The AFR



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