New instant card feature for NAB Pay



NAB customers can now continue using their personal Visa credit cards through NAB Pay within minutes of a replacement card being issued if their card has been lost or stolen.

This new instant card feature means customers who have NAB Pay on their compatible Android device can keep paying with their replacement card, without having to wait days for their physical card to arrive in the mail.

“Having NAB Pay means being able to use your cards easily, quickly, and without fuss through your mobile phone,” NAB Executive General Manager of Consumer Lending, Angus Gilfillan, said.

“By adding this new instant feature, we’re making NAB Pay even more convenient for many of our customers that need replacement cards.”

Customers who need to arrange a replacement card can call NAB on 1800 033 103 (within Australia) or +61 3 8641 9121 (from overseas) and will be able to link to their new card in their NAB Pay digital wallet, making it immediately available to use.

“This will be particularly useful for customers who are travelling; we know this is often when customers want the confidence they will always have an easy way to pay,” Mr Gilfillan said.

“With this change, NAB customers can have their replacement cards issued and then it will be instantly available for use through NAB Pay anywhere contactless cards are accepted around the world.”

An additional six NAB Visa credit cards will also be added to NAB Pay from today, which means all personal NAB Visa credit cards can be used on NAB Pay.

“We’re really excited to expand NAB Pay so more customers can benefit from the convenience of our mobile payments service,” Mr Gilfillan said.

Independent research recently undertaken by global intelligence and digital media provider RFi Group showed that banks are the most trusted provider of mobile payments, with almost 80 per cent of consumers saying they would most trust their main bank to provide them with a mobile payment service.

Launched in January, NAB Pay is rapidly being adopted by customers, with more than 225,000 debit and credit transactions made through the app in the last six months.

“NAB Pay is changing consumer behaviour and more and more everyday transactions are being made through the convenience and security it provides,” Mr Gilfillan said.

NAB is the first Australian bank to utilise Visa Token Service in Australia, providing an important extra layer of security for customers.

Tokenisation replaces a customer’s credit card number with a unique digital ‘token’ that can be used for digital payments, without revealing sensitive account information.

NAB Pay is available as part of the NAB Mobile Internet Banking App on compatible Android devices, and can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted.

“We want to give our customers the number one cards experience, and we will continue to deliver further benefits and add more innovative features to NAB Pay,” Mr Gilfillan said.

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