PayPal given a special home in the NAB app



NAB customers who love PayPal can now add and manage the cards they use for these payments through their bank app.

In an Australian first, NAB have teamed up with PayPal to make online shopping even more seamless.

This new feature allows customers to choose their NAB personal cards as their preferred way to pay with PayPal, without having to enter their card details each time. Customers can also easily switch between their NAB personal cards and manage their PayPal settings on the NAB app.

NAB Personal Everyday Banking Executive Paul Riley said customers were voting with their fingertips and adding NAB cards to PayPal via the app in droves.

“So many of our customers love PayPal so creating a special spot for it in our app was a no brainer,” Mr Riley said.

“Already, more than 1.8 million NAB cards have been added into the PayPal wallet, demonstrating the widespread popularity of PayPal among our customers.”

To link a NAB card and PayPal account, customers simply need to open the NAB app and tap on the PayPal icon. They can then follow the steps to sign into their PayPal account or create one if they don’t have one already. All in a matter of seconds.

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