Podcast plug: How fintech Trovata could signal the ‘death of the highlighter’ for business



Trovata CEO Brett Turner

In the latest episode of NAB Digital Next, host Brad Carr – NAB Executive, Innovation & Partnerships – speaks to Brett Turner, CEO of fintech platform Trovata.

Brett explains how Trovata – a NAB Ventures portfolio company – is enabling businesses to spend more time on what matters most and less time on manual activities and processes.

NAB’s Executive for Transaction Banking Product, Jon Adams also joins the conversation to explain how the bank’s new AI-enabled cash management, analytics and forecasting platform this driving improvements for NAB customers.

The trio explore:

  • how utilising Trovata could help signal the ‘death of the highlighter’ for Treasury and Finance Managers;
  • the importance of getting the API infrastructure right; and
  • the future potential to use innovations such as GenAI to conversationally change variables and run scenario analysis efficiently.

Listen to the full episode on SoundCloudSpotify or Apple Podcast.

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