Podcast plug: Innovation, Inclusion and Open Banking with Ivo Jenik



Podcast plug: Innovation, Inclusion and Open Banking with Ivo Jenik

In the latest not to be missed episode of NAB Digital Next, host Brad Carr speaks with Ivo Jenik, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP, a financial inclusion focused think tank and research organisation, which is a division of the World Bank.

Joining from Washington DC, Ivo and Brad deep dive into CGAP’s mission and how innovation can improve financial inclusion.  Globally, 1.4 billion adults are excluded from access to formal financial services and this is a pressing challenge.

The discussion covers topics such as microfinance, the use of data,  AI and Open Banking.  Specifically, the pair discuss the case study of Brazil as the clear leader in Open Finance and the opportunities that it has provided for financial inclusion.

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