Podcast plug: A futurist’s perspective with Andy Hines



In the latest episode of NAB Digital Next, host Brad Carr speaks with Andy Hines from the University of Houston’s Foresight Program who brings us the futurist perspective and methodology.

Andy believes that foresight can help deliver the insight that is so needed in today’s organisations and the world. His goal, is to influence as many change agents as possible with this message and make foresight practical and more actionable in organisations.

In this podcast Andy shares what a futurist is, how he stumbled upon this space and his vision for people to ‘futurize’ their organisation. Alluding to developments in AI, Andy highlights that change is slower than you think and the importance of taking strategic action where you spot trends early. He also underscores the importance of mapping out a positive vision for the future. In this discussion, Andy speaks of why he (and others) are considering what comes after capitalism and the notion of tech abundance, including a caution against the risk of forgetting the impacts on external factors.

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