Podcast plug: Taking control of personal data



In the latest episode of NAB Digital Next, Host Brad Carr speaks to CEO and Founder of Meeco – a pioneering company at the forefront of Digital ID – Katryna Dow.

Katryna is on a mission to empower individuals to take control of their personal data in an increasingly digitally connected world. She has been consecutively named one of the Top 100 Identity Influencers and speaks globally on digital rights, privacy and data innovation. Katryna has been instrumental in shaping the way people think about personal data and how it should be managed.

This podcast delves into Katryna’s journey, her inspiring vision for the future of digital autonomy, and the innovative solutions Meeco is driving to enable entities to act as digital custodians of personal data. Katryna highlights a particularly innovative solution deployed via Belgium’s KBC Bank and Howest University.

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